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The pages you will find here are designed to help you prepare a visit, either as a tourist or on a business trip, and to discover the various facets of the town.

Places to discover in Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire is a port and an estuary town which, while becoming a major industrial centre, has kept the charm of the beaches and coves of the Loire river mouth. Several famous people have also helped make history here.

  • Escal'Atlantica cruise through the history and legends of the great ocean liners. The Ville-Port, between the town centre and the dockyards, the Ville-Port is based around the urban development proposals drawn up by Manuel de Sola Morales.
  • Saint-Nazaire Port...Magical, standing squarely on the estuary, Saint-Nazaire can take in the Loire and the Atlantic Ocean with a single glance.

  • Tatiafter the triumph of "Jour de Fête", which won the Grand Prix of French cinema in 1949, Jacques Tati set out to depict "the simple life, the holiday atmosphere" at Saint-Marc and Saint-Nazaire.

  • Tintin, during his twenty-three adventures, Tintin covered all five continents, the three oceans and the moon. And Saint-Nazaire was one of the sixty or so cities and towns, real or imaginary, which he visited.

  • The areas's principal assets, an industrial environment