Parks and gardens

In the heart of the town, five minutes from the centre and the promenade, the Parc Paysager provides a tranquil setting for a stroll around its lake…

A place for walking, for leisure, sports and children's games, this verdant bower covers some fifty hectares. Laid out after the war, its roots lie in the former marshes which were filled in with the rubble from the town's ruins.

Overlooking the shore, the Bois de Porcé extends across ten hectares of wooded hills and valleys, with a stream running through it. A path continues on from it, full of the fragrance of the Jardins d'Océanis and its Mediterranean scents.

Very popular with fishermen, the lake at Bois Joalland owes its existence to the American army. It excavated over 65 hectares in 1917 to supply drinking water to the town. Today, it is busy with joggers who run the length of its three kilometres of shoreside paths, mountain bikers and of course, sailing and rowing enthusiasts. To the northwest lie more lakes which, together with the Bois Joalland, form a green belt around the town. Between Guindreff and La Belle-Hautière, there are four lakes in a row. This wooded stroll ends at Méan, on the banks of the Brivet. Connecting the River Loire to La Brière, this little port is a reminder of the history of the shipbuilders of Saint-Nazaire. It was here that the first Brière rowing boats were built, sharpening the skills of several generations of shipwrights.

Finally, in the heart of the town, along the sea front, the Jardin des Plantes houses botanical collections specific to the coastline. A little further on, the Sentier des Douaniers passes through one of the beautiful woods around Saint-Nazaire.