The Jardins des Plantes

JardinIn 1886, at the request of the Town Council, the landscape designer Aubry designed the Jardin des Plantes [Botanical Gardens] at Saint-Nazaire. Covering an area of 19,534 m2, these gardens were opened to the public one year later, on 26 June 1887. A century later, the Jardin des Plantes was completely restructured, with work starting in 1996 to develop and promote its role as a garden by the sea.
The coastal influences to be seen there give this "new" Jardin des Plantes great originality. A number of the new species introduced are specific to the coast and so can easily acclimatise in this location.
These influences can be found in the evocation of the Breton coastline in the southern part of the gardens, with broom, speedwell and other species characteristic of the area.
The sunniest area of the Gardens contains Mediterranean species such as mimosa and oleander. A pergola with five porticos decorates the main walk. These structures provide support for a variety of climbing plants, with collections of hardy perennials planted with them. The rose garden is an important feature, visible from outside the gardens.
The Jardin des Plantes in Saint-Nazaire is a haven for plants and open to everyone who loves Nature.