The town of the twenty beaches

Porcé, Bonne Anse, Le Grand Traict, L'Eve, Géorama, Les Jaunais, Villès, La Courance, Le Petit Traict, Saint-Marc, Trébézy…

All these beaches have one thing in common, they are in Saint-Nazaire, the town of the twenty beaches…

Wide, fine sandy beaches, south-facing, steep-sided coves, like the rocky inlets of the Mediterranean, sheltered by pine trees and holm oaks, wilder shores open to the west wind. Each one is unique and offers its own delights.

Less popular nowadays, le Petit Traict and la Grande Plage were the first really crowded summer resort beaches in the late 19th century, a time when "sea-bathing" became fashionable. A casino was even built overlooking la Grande Plage (then known as the "society beach") in 1895 on the boulevard running along the sea front.

beachThe beach at Villès-Martin has always been a favourite with bathers. The merest glimpse of the sun and it is covered with parasols.

But Saint-Marc is still the most popular. Immortalised on film in "Mr Hulot's Holiday" by Jacques Tati, this beach is overlooked by a wooden belvedere, on which a statue of the film-maker keeps watch forever, his eyes fixed on the sea…

And then there are the others, the ones without a story:

  • the quiet ones like Géorama or Trébézy,
  • the daring ones like les Jaunais, where there's no need to wear a swimsuit,
  • the sporting ones like la Courance where the surfers play with the waves
  • the family ones like Porcé, Bonne Anse or le Rocher du Lion

In Saint-Nazaire, you choose your beach to suit your mood.