Tintin in Saint-Nazaire

"Just think about it: Saint-Nazaire, the docks, the jetties, the seabreeze, the spray whipping your face!' cried Haddock…"

During his twenty-three adventures, Tintin covered all five continents, the three oceans and the moon. And Saint-Nazaire was one of the sixty or so cities and towns, real or imaginary, which he visited. It was in the tale of the "Seven Crystal Balls" that Tintin and Captain Haddock came here. But what happy coincidence brought the two characters to this Atlantic port ?

On their return from South America, the members of an expedition to find the Incas fall victim to a mysterious illness which causes them to sink into a deep sleep. In this adventure, one of the most exciting that Hergé created, Tintin stays at the side of Captain Haddock, the old sea dog. But Professor Calculus is kidnapped after finding a bracelet from one of the mummies brought back from Peru. The kidnappers' car is spotted by a garage-hand near Saint-Nazaire (called Westermouth in the English version). So Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock, convinced that Calculus's trail is leading them to Latin America, set off for Saint-Nazaire, the main port for transatlantic shipping, to book a passage to South America. Their eventful journey takes several pages. So the inauguration of this service in 1862 eventually brought Tintin, Haddock and Snowy to Saint-Nazaire ! An adventure which would take them to Peru in "Prisoners of the Sun" where Saint-Nazaire crops up again.

With the exception, of course, of Brussels, Saint-Nazaire is one of the few towns in the world to be able to lay claim to a visit by Tintin and so to link its name to the world famous reporter's. An association in Saint-Nazaire, "Les 7 Soleils" [The 7 Suns], founded in 1986 by Jean-Claude Chemin and some friends, has set itself the objective of keeping alive the memory of the visit to Saint-Nazaire by Tintin and Captain Haddock.

Les 7 Soleils

"Mille Sabords!" Exhibition

Until the 12th of November 2001, the Musée de la Marine in Paris is hosting one of the most famous sailors of recent years at the Palais de Chaillot : Captain Haddock. Tintin and Haddock will be the guests of the famous museum for the exhibition entitled "Mille Sabords!" ["Billions of Blistering Barnacles!"].

This exhibition takes its inspiration from the one held in 1999 in Saint-Nazaire by the "Les 7 Soleils" association. Adapted for the exceptional setting of the Musée de la Marine, "Mille Sabords!" has been given a new look. Covering more than double the original surface area, the exhibition has been expanded with some exceptional pieces lent by the Fondation Hergé and the Musée National de la Marine.